“Ah music, a magic beyond all we do here.”
- JK Rowling, author Harry Potter

If you’re like most people, you quietly sing the alphabet song in your head when you want to know what letter comes after J. We all know the power of music to make information stick.

My experience as a Social Studies teacher showed me first hand a problem in the learning of many of today’s students. As our world becomes more internationally connected, our children are increasing geographically illiterate. A recent study found that at least 2 in 3 young people couldn’t locate Iraq OR Saudi Arabia correctly on a map. 50% couldn’t correctly point to the states of New York or Ohio!

I needed something new. I began writing geography songs and creating animated videos to accompany them. Did it work? Well you can read the testimonials here. Or try it yourself by watching the videos. What I can tell you is that the resulting test scores were off the charts and that that the catchy songs made us all laugh while we learned. But what really impressed me were students showing more interest in history and current events while using geography to discuss and draw conclusions.

I know that you and your children will enjoy these videos and learn just a much as my students did. Please let me know about it! Have fun with these songs and keep Rocking the World!

Adam Crossley
Love Your Learning

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The best way to remember states, countries and whatnot that I have come ever come across. We were learning and having fun at the same time.

- Cameron M. - Former 8th Grade Student -

I love this! So did my kindergartners. Thanks!

- Leta Lemon -

Nice song.
Simple and helpful.

- Guru Parents -

Easy for students to learn cardinal & intermediate directions and just what I needed for my lesson!! Thank you!

- Valerie Hipp -

This is a great song! I teach high school and have three children at home that I am going to share this song with. Thank you for creating this.

- Amy Powell -